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“Olivia Mercedes Brown was to learn from important lessons in her life that would shape her destiny.
She knew that her life would change forever when Xena, a cab driver from war torn Somalia, after losing her entire family, crossed her path. Olivia felt that she was on the cusp of greatness… not knowing what lay ahead. She had to endure losing her friend Wes to suicide, discovering her best friend was abused by her husband, gaining a child, losing Apollo, the love of her life, and much more… Olivia rose above these challenges and eventually found meaning and inspiration in the most unlikely of places.
Finally Olivia reaches the realisation that she had been searching for, that the essence of life is … LOVE!
Follow her emotional crusade to unite a fractured community, help them heal and face their demons.
“Captivating, emotional and uplifting, this suspense fiction Trilogy is a journey that will inspire you, touch your heart, and stay with you always.”


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